Types of Accounting Career Paths

Accounting Career Paths

Did you know that finding a job in the accounting field is a wise and smart decision? It is because of the fact that accounting is one of the fields which is always in demand and it will also provide you with the opportunity to continue growing and moving up inside a certain company.

You can find lots of positions on the field of accounting. Careers in accounting would range from the entry level positions to executive level.

Accountants are responsible in providing the required data in order to access both the present and future economic activities of every individual, business, governmental and not-for-profit organizations. They usually complete lots of tasks including recording business transactions and preparing financial statements. Aside from that, they are also calculating efficiency gains and computing costs of new technologies, participating in every set up for acquisitions, mergers as well as in the development of IT systems that will track financial performance, employee benefits management and tax strategy.

If you are one of those accounting graduates and you are confused as to what position you would choose from the many accounting positions available, seeking an accounting career advice is the best thing that you can do. By doing so, it would be easier for you to choose what is best for you.

Also, once you have asked the assistance of an accounting expert, you would surely be able to determine the type of job that would match with your accounting skills. Since accounting is a large field, there are different accounting career paths that you might encounter. On other hand, despite of the many career paths involved, if you know where you belong, it would be easier for you to arrive at a sound decision.

Here are some of the accounting career types to choose from:

  • Government – If you choose to work as one of the government accountants, you can work at any level of the government. You will be part of the accountants who are responsible for preparing budgets, tracking costs and analysing the government initiatives. You would surely acquire great advancement from this career path however you might also encounter political arguments and bureaucracy.
  • Public Accounting Firms – There are lots of accountants who are working in partnership and providing accounting services to government, businesses and individuals. Lots of major firms are dominant in this kind of field. If you choose a public accounting career, you will surely be provided with a good start in your accounting career wherein you would be able to gain knowledge before eventually moving into your specialist area.
  • Independent – Whey you work as a self-employed accountant, it only means that you are generating your own business. This will enable you to benefit from a good customer contact most especially if you are proficient and the business if good but if not, you will surely be on a vulnerable position.
  • Corporations – Whatever the size of the business is, it would surely need an accountant or an accounting department, which will prepare financial statements, handle Tax Returns, tracks cost and work on major transactions. In corporations, the job of the accountants is dynamic and the prospects are really good.

Most of the accounting career paths begin in college wherein the students are given the chance to take the right accounting class and leave college with Bachelors degree in Accounting. It is considered as the first step towards a successful career path. You can immediately find your first accounting job after school. You can visit several companies and arrive as an accountant. You just have to make sure that you will learn as much as you can.

Once you have already worked for more than a year, you can now go with your CPA and be certified and professional accountant. CPA or Certified Public Accountants produces lots of accounts as the year goes by. From being a CPA, you can now take the courage to handle more complex responsibilities, from management positions to director of the accounting department.  There are some accountants who would prefer to go off into different branches of accounting however with more experiences comes more money as well as more opportunities for advancement. There are only some who are able to reach CFO as well as the other top positions.

If you want to reach the highest position in accounting, then go for it! However you should not forget that your accounting career path will always start from acquiring an accounting degree, as it serves as your solid foundation.